Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Summer Live: time-based video program

This site will continue to exist as an archive.

As part of SummerLive, this event will present distinct video programs throughout the weekend, to be shown on two large LED screens, and will feature historical documents, archival film and video, performative works, animation, experimental film, a literary program and contemporary video.  time-based takes its cue from its unconventional site, screening works that reference nature, culture, and the urban landscape. 

With works by the following artists and filmmakers :  Robert Arndt, Rebecca Belmore, John G. Boehme, Karin Bubas, Penelope Buitenhuis (Judy Radul), Shawn Chappelle, Dana Claxton, Michael de Courcey with Gregg Simpson, Digital Natives: Other Sights for Artists' Projects, Maurice Embra (bill bissett), Julia Feyrer, Chris Gallagher, Brian Kent Gotro, Adad Hannah,  Maraya: M Simon Levin, Glen Lowry and Henry Tsang, Richard Martin, Damian Moppett, Laurynas Navidauskas, David Rimmer, Marina Roy, Claire Savoie, Carol Sawyer, Kevin Schmidt, Jeremy Shaw, Althea Thauberger, Holly Ward, David Wisdom, Paul Wong.

With works from the following animation filmmakers : Bruce Alcock, Dan Collins, Rod Filbrandt, Mike Grimshaw, Ran (Rachel) Jing, Apurna Kapur, Deniz Merdanogullari, Marv Newland, Kunal Sen, Carlo Solanoy, Al Sens, Debbie Sun,

Works from the following : CBC Media Archives including Maurice Embra, Stan Fox; VIVO's Crista Dahl Media Library & Archive including works by Taki Bluesinger, Rod Mabee, Elizabeth van der Zaag, Yi Xin Tong;  Western Front Media Archive with the works of Kate Craig, Gathie Falk, Morris/Trasov Archive, Glenn Lewis, Eric Metcalfe with Hank Bull, Al Neil.  

Project curator: Marlene Madison, with guest curators Michael Turner, Michael de Courcey and Gregg Simpson, Marv Newland, David Wisdom, Lorna Brown and Clint Burnham.      

Technical production:  syncsync.com

With the assistance of CBC Media Archives, International Rocketship, Moving Images Distribution Collection, VIVO Media Arts Centre, Western Front Media.

Thank you !

Glenn Alteen
BC Archives
Sharon Bradley
Lindsay Brown
Colin Browne
CBC Media Archives
Canada Library and Archives
Catriona Jeffries Gallery
City of Vancouver Archives
Monte Clark Gallery
Crista Dahl
Mark Curry
Moving Images Distribution
Meghan Elle
Karen Henry
Jonathan Middleton
Eric Metcalfe
Moving Images Distribution
Alex Muir
Sebnem Ozpeta
Helga Pakasaar
Stephanie Rebick
Martin Rose
Wade Thomas
Sarah Todd
Michael Turner
Super Suite Video Post and Transfer
Wade Thomas
Vancouver Art Gallery
Video Out Distribution
Western Front

and, with a very special thanks to Colin Preston, CBC Media Archives